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—Credit Enhancement: Bank Instruments & Proof of Funds


About Balboa Trade Financial SolutionsSince 2006 Balboa Trade has provided high quality and reliable Credit Enhancement for Bank Instruments and Proof of Funds financial solutions. Many companies have come and gone providing similar, yet inferior, services. Balboa Trade has not only remained one of the leaders in Credit Enhancement for Bank Instruments and Proof of Funds but we continue to excel, constantly improving  and expanding sophisticated and streamlined financial solutions for our clients.

Balboa Trade started in 2001 providing retail, wholesale, and private financing services specializing in residential housing and commercial short and long-term financing through Balboa Mortgage (www.balboamortgage.com). As banking and financial markets gradually shifted in 2006 Balboa Trade witnessed residential and commercial real estate developers become burdened by a contracting banking environment.

Market Collapse of 2008To respond to the changing financial climate Balboa Trade began providing financial solutions that would enable our clients to better qualify for institutional financing with private investor credit enhancement products. By 2008 the subprime industry vanished as banks with affordable solutions went out of business and megabanks survive through nationalization, being too big to fail. Not only was institutional lending for commercial loans becoming onerous to qualify for, additionally the residential loan real estate developers had relied upon for their home buyers became unavailable or difficult to qualify for.

Matters have only worsened as defaults have spread epidemic across the nation shrinking up equity, as well as drying up liquidity and cash reserves needed for finance. Balboa Trade in 2006 saw the trends of multiple recessions ensue due to an uncorrected dot com bubble in 2000- only to be worsened by an uncorrected real estate bubble in 2006-2008. As the Feds continue the same policy borrowing debt to stimulate the economy by consumer spending and printing money inflation Balboa Trade realizes the now eleven years old money and asset bubble is adding intensity and further danger to the domestic as well as global finance.

Real estate and project developers, high-end luxury home investors, trade finance and commodity buyers- sellers- and brokers, and business entrepreneurs seeking financing for business acquisitions, REO and other opportunities in discount asset pools, to name a few all benefit from the financial solutions Balboa Trade facilitates. For over 4 years Balboa Trade has earned our stripes supplying key financial service providers and asset providers. Balboa Trade prides itself on its timely responses, thorough consulting, and top quality client relations enabling professionals of a variety of backgrounds to close more deals with sophistication.

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